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Wheel of Fortune: Ascend Legendary Evernight to Mythic Evernight

Want Ascend your Legendary Wings - Evernight to increase BR? Come and join the Wheel of Fortune from 16 July to 18 July.

Event time: 16 July to 18 July

Entrance: Wheel of Fortune

>>Evernight - Ascended

First of all, players need to unlock the wings - Evernight, then get the Wings Ascension Sigil.

When the wings have Ascended, the BR will be increased significantly, and the quality will be increased for one level, in other words, Evernight will be increased from Legendary to Mythic. 

When players get Ascended Wings, they need to get Ascension Stones to enhance the wings, there 5 levels, each level has 10 stars. When players Ascend the wings to 10 stars, they need Empowered Ascension Stones to get next level. Players can check the details through the Overview.

>>About the Wheel of Fortune Event:

1. Trying to get a top 5 ranking so that you can claim the Evernight Ascension Sigil, Don’t miss it!

2. Players have the chance to win abundant cultivation resources by meeting certain requirements.

3. Also, players can claim the WoF lottery Tickets by completing the quests in WoF Lottery Ticket Benefits!

Players can also use Topaz and spin the Wheel in Elite Mode, it can get Evernight Ascension Sigil directly.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.