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V6.9.0 Assist Charm, Shop Assistant

New Content

1. New feature: Assist Charm

> Equip Artifact+ and above Charm to unlock Assist slots, Undeployed Charm can be added as Assist Charm and provide lots of BR

2. New feature: Shop Assistant

> Unlocked at lv.160, quickly purchase items in the shop

3. Added Valkyrie Skin

4. Added Mythic Mounts: Witch's Broom - Awakened&Winter Sleigh - Awakened

Game Improvements

1.  Added “Remove all” button in Nethers Illusion

2. Added Activity Quests for Nethers Illusion

3. Extended the max level of Conquest to 25

4. Improved the UI display at the top left corner

5. Apex Clash League improvements

> Adjusted the position of its icon and added pop-up prompt when the new season starts

> Players can’t challenge in the last 2 hours of Contest period when tier is counted

> Added Limited Artifact title and wings to Challenger Rewards

6. Owned 4 Artifact+ Heroes to unlock the 6th Vice-General slot

7. Extended the max Advance level of Artifact and above heroes to 30

8. Extended the max Awaken level of Artifact and above heroes to 25

9. Extended the max Devour level of Artifact equipment to 80

10. Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.