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V6.8.0 Wish Shop, Valkyrie

New Content

1. New feature: Wish Shop(unlocked at lv.70)

> Players can obtain Wish tokens via Daily Wish, Wish Quests and Ancient Tasks and exchange them for rare items in Wish shop

2. Artifact+ Hero: Valkyrie

3. Artifact Mount: Skeletal Drake- Awakened

5. Artifact+ Charm: Book of Fate

6. Mythic Outfits: Candy Party

7. Artifact+ Companion: Four-Winged Menace

8. Mythic Titles: Swift Turkey&Black Friday Carnival

9. Crazy Pumpkin event

> Duration:10.29-11.4

> Challenge Crazy Pumpkin in Everlast every day during the event to win rich rewards.

Game Improvements

1. Improved Level rewards in Ancient Tasks

2. Added Mythic+ hero shards to Ultimate rewards in Ancient Treasures

3. Charm skill amplify stats will not be cleared after rebirth

4. Players won’t be pushed back by 10 levels in Nethers Illusions, can blitz previous stages and open chests

5. Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.