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V6.7.0 Apex Clash League, extended Elite Tree and Magic Circle

New Content

1. New feature: Apex Clash League

> Unlocked at : Lv.90

> Apex Clash is a PvP tournament for time zone-based servers.

> There are 4 periods: Preparation, Contest, Results and Reward. Preparation period is when players will get ready for the tournament. Contest period is when players challenge opponents to earn points and get promoted to higher tiers. Each tier has excellent rewards. Results period is when final results are calculated and rewards announced. Reward period lasts until the start of the next season. Players may claim their awards any time during this period.

> There are 6 major tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Challenger Tier must be reached by points also, but has a 50-player limit. Players that reach Master may challenge the bottom 10 players in the Challenger tier, and swap places upon a successful challenge to enter the Challenger tier.

> At the beginning of a new season, tier is recalculated and a new initial tier is given based on tier from last season

2. Added Hela Skin

3. Adding Loading pictures of Hela and Dragon General

4. Unlock Outfit augment for Alf of Stars and Lunar Revelry

5. Mythic Wings: Vivian's Flower - Ascended and Gentle Feathers - Ascended

Game Improvements

1. Extend max rank of Mara Circle and Thea Circle to 13

2. Added floor 29~40 in Elite Tree

3. Added more mine areas in Mine wars; Added Inscription Stone to the outputs; Increased the outputs of Mine Insignia and Antler Stone

4. Increase the daily limit of World Boss shop to 50000

5. Fixed some known bugs


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game