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V6.6.0 Hela, Augment Relic and Advanced Ritual

New Content

1. New feature: Augment Relic

> Unlocked at : lv.122

> Use certain Relic Sigils to Augment relic and gain lots of BR

2. New feature: Advanced Ritual

> Added Advanced Ritual where players can draw legendary and Mythic relic components

> Gained points after drawing, players can claim tier rewards when meeting certain points

3. Artifact + Hero: Hela

4. Mythic Mount: Skeletal Drake

5. Artifact Wings: Thea's Protection - Ascended

6. Artifact + Charm: Pendant of Arrival

7. Artifact + Companion: Abyssal Demon

8. Mythic Outfits: Dragon General

9. Mythic Title: Halloween Ghost and Mystic Wizard

Game Improvements

1. Significantly improved Daily Sign-in rewards(since October)

2. Improved Online gift rewards and lowered the requirements for claiming the rewards

3. Added Rank 8 and Rank 9 and corresponding advancement rewards in The Luminaries

4. In Nether Wars, players can’t be attacked by enemies in respawn point

5. Improved the performance of Arma Resonant panel

6. Extended Deploy Bonus of Hero Promote

7. Improved Participation reward in Chess Hero

8. Added entrance of Summon Soul in Shard Shop, added entrance of Convert Soul in Summon Soul

9. Adjusted the duration for Super Login rewards from 1~7 to 1~3, balanced the value and amount of Angelic Roses in the rewards

10. Doubled the exp in Main Char. Trial for new players who create characters within 14 days


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.