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Update 0629

We will release V6.24.0 on June 29, the servers will disconnect for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update.

V6.24.0 New Valorium Hero:Galaxia

Update time:2021-6-29

New Content

> Valorium Hero:Galaxia

> Valorium Charm: Aurora's Aegis

> Artifact + Soul Armor: Hourglass of the Void

> Artifact + Mount: Frost Azure Dragon - Awakened

> Artifact Wings: Black Dragon's Curse

> Artifact Outfits: Way of the Warrior

> Mythic Titles: Blessing of Pavara & Ark Architect

Game Improvements 

> Added Domain of Ancient Fire to Mystic Domain(Scepter of the Dragon)

> Improved the display issue in super prize of Egg cracker

> Deleted the wrong questions in Castle Raiders

> Gradually increased the exp required for new Soul Armors to balance the cost and output of Soul Armor EXP Stones

More Benefits 

> Added Meteor Stone V and more Arma Sigils to Mine Store

> Improved the rewards in Angel Pass shop

> Improved the rewards of Apex Clash League

> Improved the rewards of Super login