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League of Angels III is the next generation of browser games.

Following the thrilling PvP tournament Hero League and the great expansion to guild features, League of Angels III continues to expand its features and content. The global release of LoA3 will tear down the server boundaries and enable players from different servers to compete on one same battlefield! The Cross-server Hero League will be online by the end of summer festival, and you have to fight in ruins to compete for the best-quality equipment, gorgeous wings, special titles and tons of resources! With the global release, there will be many new more features for players both old and new to explore.

Real matching

In Chess Hero, players will be divided into an appropriate level based on your own BR, and join in the battlefield with another two ONLINE players who have a similar BR with you.

Dig Treasures

Your prime task is digging Ores and take them back to your Basement. Killing Elite Blk Drgn and Elite Whelp to get extra Ores and talking to Janus to obtain various Potions.

Show Wisdom

It is important to balance your team with serval types of Heroes! Choose three appropriate ATK, DEF, SUP or HEAL Hero in your team is the key point to win the game.

Spear VS Shield

Use your most powerful team to beat your enemies, grab the minerals as many as you can, you will get massive rewards after you reach the Top of the Chess Hero X-server rank!

League of Angels III is the next generation of browser games. It combines state-of-the-art 3D graphics and special effects, as well as an epic story to create a unique fantasy world. The game’s innovative take on classic turn-based RPG gameplay, surprisingly deep strategy elements, and satisfying progression system will have players hooked right from the start. The game is designed to push the limits of next-generation browser games, and strives to provide the best gaming experience to all fans around the world!